Who said July’s too early?

So for todays lunch break I went online shopping (with my cards firmly locked away – as im trying to not buy anything else this month!) and in my quest to look at potential sandals I went on Next.co.uk to find that they already hjad their autumn clothes up already! Now, yes i know this is too early but I figure its best to get prepared and so i scrolled through and thought i’d share my wants for this Autumn/Winter . . .



Leather Leggings! I want, I want, I want! and will hopefully stand a chance of getting this winter! I love these in chocolate as its always so nice having a change from black. i’m thinking it should be paired with a fancy jumper and heels for casual fridays or a top with a bit of sparkle for nights out . . .

I love this jumper – a thicker fabric is great for winter as I always get cold in winter but also its really smart and structured, imagine paired with the above! perfect!





Long cardigans and high waisted jeans? the autumn dream . . .


a much needed pencil skirt . . .



a spotted cardigan and new boots? oh go on then . . .

But for right now? I need another pair of sandals preferably smart with arch support and not too strappy, another patterned sundress and loose fabric trousers. . .



All images belong to Next plc.

What are you guys on the look out for for summer/autumn this year?

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