Lets talk . . . Reasons behind Blogging



Recently i’ve been going completely against what blogs I normally read. I’ve got to be honest since finding the wonderful world of blogs I have to admit I have been pretty devout to american bloggers like cupcakes and cashmere, Kendi Everyday, Sincerely Jules, Its because I think too much, my edit . . . the list goes on but recently I’ve fallen in love with british blogs! and there are so many more ‘tall’ centric bloggers as well! I’ve been in tall girl heaven!

Anyway, I found this iwantyoutoknow.co.uk the other day and im kinda in love. I love the mix of style, arts, fashion and lifestyle mix that this blog has to offer and its based in London! Excellent. The lovely writer of this blog, Kristabel wrote this+ article and referenced this further article+. This got me thinking about therealjlow/TVCLifestyles and my reasons for what I post and what I have created.

Firstly I find the suggestion that personal style blogs must come to end as very saddening. I love a good, well presented personal style blog, why? Because I’m incredibly nosey and how better to get A, a look into other peoples lives but also get inspiration for my own outfits and from real people no less! The blogs I truly love rarely contain high end or designer clothes, because really? I can’t afford it, I feel too big for it and its really not realistic to me unfortunantly. So give me a blog with clothes from high street stores and im sold, or vintage finds or the great 30×30. Thats what really interests me, not sitting front row at fashion week. 

So the idea of these great blogs disapearing because there won’t be the chance to become famous? Thats incredibly disheartening. Reading the second article was incredibly interesting however and it did for a second make me stop and think what am I really putting out on the internet and what am I doing it for? and you know what? the answers not really changed since when I began TRJL and TVC with Gemma. To promote style for the non-designer wearing girl on the street whose not your average or commonly desired size or shape. On here, its also got a lot to do with putting it out there that Tall girls need more clothing options that black trousers and black and white tee shirts.

In fact, I think that we need more personal style blogs or maybe better ways to find PSB’s that arn’t advertising designer and unaffordable brands. Thats not to say that I don’t like inspirational clothing or designer clothes but I need more from my blogs than just pretty pictures, sometimes I want the ability to buy an entire outfit, if I wanted and be able to afford it. In fact, I miss good old fashioned affordable blogs, anyone else? 

What was great about reading this however was the writers ideas about the seperation of ‘bloggers’ and its made me think of my original plans to include more than just fashion and i’d like to get back to that to showcase a little bit more than my clothes, but my cooking, my home and what I’m up to . . .

What do you think?

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