Its like Nashville


Jacket: Zara, Dress H&M, Sunglasses H&M, Boots: New Look, Scarf: White Stuff,

I love these boots, every time I wear them I feel slightly like a country singer or Taylor Swift (Im not sure if she really qualifies as country anymore? but I could be wrong). Unfortunately they are also on there way out which somewhat upsets me it also means that next autumn I get to look into new ones, so there are some upsides!

Also this dress cost me £13, bargain right? Also we hung out in Rochester this sunday, I love Rochester! and dark hot chocolate with marshmallows! You cannot go wrong!

4 thoughts on “Its like Nashville

  1. jonathanochart says:

    Beautiful dress! And that hot chocolate/marshmallows look like the perfect accessory (: Thanks for sharing!



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