Heres tomorrow looking at you kid . . .



Look, I’m waving at you! But that could just be to distract you from the mess in our walk in floordrobe, man cave.





So this is tomorrows outfit today. Your seeing the future effectively, neat right! Unfortunately we don’t always get enough time on the weekends (and weeks to be perfectly honest) and so sometimes I settle on selfies. 

The only thing left is to mention the outfit. This is actually two outfits I have my daytime mature lady look – i don’t know why it is, it just is. In these photos you can’t see but im wear a striped tee under the denim shirt add that to the straight leg white jeans and I am a walking M&S advert. Its just a shame nothing im wearing came from M&S I could audition!

But alas . . . Then at night I might wear my patterned tee faux fur stole and my glitter heels. However it is also likely that I will completely change my mind by then but we will see. For now, this is the look im going with! 

On a more personal note. Yay, weekend! What are you guys up to? 

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