Sport? Exercise? ack!



I have to warn you. I might start talking about exercise and sport. I know. I’m still pretty horrified about the whole ordeal. But I’ve found running away from yourself is harder than it looks. I mean, my feet keep following me and they are wearing running shoes.

And as if that wasn’t enough? Thats real mud on my legs up there folks! and even worse i’m loving it, every muddy minute of it.

So get ready for it! Welcome to the real, realjlow. Mud, running, injuries, ibs and all. And fashion – I honestly couldn’t live without it.


2 thoughts on “Sport? Exercise? ack!

    • therealjlow says:

      Oh wow! thank you! actually neither we just always seem to end up on very muddy cycle trails! although today it didn’t help falling in a muddy puddle, but it was at least comical at the time!

      and wow thank you! thats amazing! and i loved your post btw! so insightful to your life and what your up to! Thank you, so much
      Jess xoxo


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