The Thursday classic remix


Red Jeans: New Look (2011), Brown Leather Belt: H&M (2011), Stripped Tee: Primark Basics (RIGHT NOW!), Shoes: Hotter (summer 2011)



Green Jeans: New Look (2012), Primark Basics Tee, White Studded Belt : Primark (autumn 2012), Leopard print flats: New Look 2010


Sometimes its weeks, at my worst? Years. However, most recently its been days or more specifically Thursdays. Thursdays are my Jess can’t dress for anything days. Now at first I thought it was just the odd day but now its gotten to the point that I have started compiling, mentally and writing down failsafe outfit ideas.

I have my fancy tee-shirt, blazer, black jeans and ankle boots outfits but currently more exciting (for me at least) is remixing style classics and thursdays are always good days to shake that midweek dressing slump.

Normally I would also add heels or maybe boots but my ankle is having known of it at the moment, agh this cold weather!

What are your midweek failsafe classics?

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