Desperately Seeking . . . Shirts


Shirt: H&M circa 2011, Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt: H&M Basics, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Not a clue . . . 

When I dream, I dream of checkered shirts. Not the ones I already own unfortunately but the ones I have yet to . . . In particular these+ little beauties from gap. At the moment I can’t decide whether I prefer the blue or red but either way a shrunken mens shirt? looks like a mans shirt but fitted like a girl, hell yeah, shirt me up! 

My only concern is, are gap shirts long enough for tall girls? leave me a message if you think yay/no because right now im very much considering taking the plunge and risking an online purchase.

My apologies about not knowing who the shoes are by but to be honest I bought them in 2007 so im pretty sure they don’t exist anymore! How have your tuesdays been?

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