Its been how long? 


I must apologise guys the silence on the blog around here recently has been deathly. I can’t believe the last time i posted was the seventeenth  So your probably wondering what exciting adventures i’ve been up to recently right? well quite frankly, for the month of February i’ve been ill. I have had a sinus infection, an inner ear infection and two colds and im now pretty sure i have hurt a rib from coughing.

The fact that I can no only lean on one side I think is the tip off so thats been great. The one thing that has not been great however has been my fashion sense. I have spent most of the time just wanting to wear whatever’s closest to pj’s. 

Take example a,



No, I didn’t wear this out on a cinema date . . . Ok, I totally did. But regardless, now as im getting better – minus my ribs i’m getting back on the horse so to speak (Or is it still to early for horse sayings? Tesco’s you’ve ruined us . . .) So this is my laundry if you will. I finally got it down and explained. and now? lets start looking at what crazy things we can put together next . . .

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