Sunshine and Coloured Jeans


Scarf: Greece circa 2005, Black and White Stripe T-shirt: TU Sainsbury, Beads: John Lewis Circa 2007, Turquoise Jeans: Primark, Suadette Heels: New Look.

Attention all tall girls!

I found mecca this Saturday. Now, in all honesty I’m not sure if I should share Mecca, but i’m so excited and I think it’ll be even better if I share my joy with the rest of the w. . . UK?

One word, tall girls, Primark. Now I hear you scoff (or maybe you already know and are like – how did you not know this?) But Primark, one of my favorite cheap quick fix stores, is currently selling long length jeans. To tell you how long, I mean long enough that they bunch at my ankles, better still? I bought two pairs of coloured jeans for only £7.90 each, bargain. I’m so excited! I’m only sad that I couldn’t get the lilac and purple ones I wanted but that doesn’t mean I won’t pop back next weekend to see if they have the lilac ones in yet.

They fit good and they are cheap, perfect to get you in the mood for spring! and even better? It was sunny today and we had Mediterranean food.

Sounds like a good sunday to me!

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