Mind the Barrier . . . and other snow adventures.


Umbrella: Boots, Coat: Warehouse cira 2011, Scarf: gifted from my mother, Rucksack: Primarni, Jumper: Matalan, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins circa 2009, Wellies: Home and country circa 2010

So it was a strange kind of snow day. Firstly because I didn’t wake up with a strong sense of hate for the horrid cold stuff (which almost never happens) and then secondly as we walked into the park today the girl in front of us actually managed to walk into the closed barrier. Luckily she didn’t seem hurt but it gave me another good reason to warn people about the dangers of snow.

So keep an eye out folks! Just because the snow is pretty doesn’t mean that we should ignore closed barriers! Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!


and for someone I find incredibly cute . . .


Boyfriend with cute smile: Priceless . . .

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