Snow be gone!


Denim Shirt: H&M, Jumper: H&M (Circa 2009), Green Jeans: New Look (Circa 2011), Shoes: New Look

Its Wednesday. When did that happen? No joke I wrote Tuesday on my to do list before I realised. I know a lot of people probably feel that the work week drags, but im pretty sure mine speeds up. I can’t keep up with it! which is probably why I originally wore this outfit several Sundays ago and photographed it but ran out of time to post it!

Luckily I wore pretty much the same outfit yesterday bar the shoes so I felt that this outfit has made its comeback! Now the reason for not wearing the shoes is because of snow. Not actual snow just the crazy weatherman snow – the one thats always coming but never come. I miss all my other shoes its such a shame when theres only one pair I can wear in the icy/snowy weather.

I also have to tell you my house is a strange place at the moment. The boy has much to my dislike gone on nights. Which would be fine but at the same time only getting to see him on weekends is so not fun. But bigger than that we are both going through and watching “How I met your Mother” as we were before the nights only before the nights we’d watch it together. Now however we have taken to watching the same disks in different places. So during the night I bring the disks into the bedroom and during the day Josh brings it into the living room. Its quite disconcerting to see the thing you pretty much knew where it was no longer be there. We are like ghosts tricking the other one. 

So i’m off to find that disk! Enjoy the end of your week! 

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