‘Ma Boots . . . (Back to work)












Black Dress: H&M, Knitted Vest: Marks and Spencer, Brown Belt: Primark, Shoe/Boots: New Look


Embarrassingly when choosing this outfit for my first day back to work I came up with a rhyme to share with you all obviously, but as I proudly told Josh it made less sense as a title. But here goes anyway im not too worried about my insanity at this point; When you’ve got the monday (Ok so wednesday) blues, put on your comfy shoes! So I feel that there might have been more of this but too be honest my brains a little frazzled tonight. 

Also I almost fell down the stairs on my way to work today so its a miracle I made it to work, let alone to get to write this tonight, giving you one of a kind poems and all! 

How was everyones first day backs?


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