2013 : Bloggers Buns and brogues



Somedays its just me and my camera again. After all my photographer needs the odd night/day moment to sleep so i let him while I dorkily stand in our tiny corridor and photograph myself as best as I can. 

Which reminds me for 2013 I really must learn how to use the timer and get myself a tripod – then I can look even more awesomely dorky by setting up my own alone shoots in the park which’ll be more amusing for the dog walkers. (Other than when i change outfits in their park and do random contortions to get the best image)

Anyhoo’s I love how well this came together, look at that bun! It almost looks like I have long hair again! (Man do I miss long hair . . .) So I thought you might wanna see off duty me, but dont look to close I didnt wear any make up this day. (Always a horrifying sight, that and the fact that im rocking myself some adult acne, score!)

Anyways, much love! Enjoy your last day of freedom! I know I will!


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