First Challenge issues and realisations.



Its only been a week of this challenge so far but I feel its already started affecting my wardrobe, the way I view my clothes and fashion and also the way I view myself. 

Surprisingly, I’ve found that I enjoy and find getting dressed in the morning to be so much easier than before! I believe that whats helped is in cutting down my wardrobes colours and by only picking out things I know suit me very well that I can make better and quicker clothing choices.

What I have also found is that taking a picture everyday? Its hard to find the time! Some I had to do earlier in the week when I have time rather than on the day and then sometimes I feel like wearing something different to what Id planned and I end up with the above, a photo of me in the mirror very early in the morning.

I’ve also realised that although a knit skirt is great and cute in principal in reality it stretched out strangely before lunch and looked bad for the rest of the day, so iv taken it out of the challenge. I can’t be doing with saggy skirts in the evening after all!

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