Gull Guards and Dog Days.


Myself and my partner took our (now) almost tradition, sunday walk around one of our local parks and decided that a sunday sandwich in the park was just what we needed. However what we weren’t prepared for was the seagull that kept protecting us from the other seagulls and birds who were trying to get our sandwiches from us! Were still not to sure what he’s motive was but he certainly kept the birds away from our food nicely!


Top – H&M, Jeans – New Look

A bit of Oxblood and Red for a saturday. This top is actually one of the basics tops from h&m that looks a lot more like a dress on the hanger, but being tall means its definitely a top for me, but for many you could double this up as a great t-shirt dress.

Sunday however I went for something to kick off my 30×30 Challenge, so here is number 1!


Pom-Pom Scarf, Accessorise – Black Sweater – Dorothy Perkins, Bird T – Dorothy Perkins, Brown leather belt – H&M, Super Stretch Skinnys in Blue – Dorothy Perkins Tall, Converse trainers.


While our food was being guarded by the seagull, my legs were however not. So if you can see any paw prints, it was because I must have had my dog attracting perfume on today, as at least three jumped up and tried to get on my lap in about the space of ten minutes!

They must have known I was going to take pictures today!

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