We went out . . .


In the spirit of change and trying to keep this up to date we went out for a walk today. And brought our SLR camera cleo along for the ride.

I’m currently debating undertaking kendi every days 30 by 30 challenge and to be honest Im very close to doing it. I want to do it to re teach myself (or in my case continue) learning to not over shop, to chose good pieces that will last the course of time and look good on me (and not a supermodel that i like to pretend I am in my head) These pieces will have to be most unlike many of my h&m pieces of the last couple of years. 

But then at the same time I was hoping to lose more weight, have a whole new wardrobe, solve world hunger. You know the normal types of problems a 22 year old has. So I think ill do it. undertake the great challenge and soon I will post a post all about why I want to do it and all that jazz but for now here is my face! (cause you probably have never seen me)

and prepare yourself, for we are not professionals with a camera and to see more of my face, scary I know . . .

Until then toodles! 


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