I feel that I don’t blog here enough and for that i’m sorry. I always have these great ideas, these great stories but in my mind to post them without photos is just god damned boring. 


Although saying that, I have a desperate need to tell you stories of my home life of all the crazy OCD things my partner has to put up with with living with a clean freak like me. But I will live these for another day.

Today, instead I will share my excitement over getting my poorly ankle to allow me to wear a pair of my favourite boots pre accident and if I really pushed the boat out could’ve gotten a few steps down the road before returning to my trusty flats. 



Dont you just love them? I know you do! and my skirt of course I love a good pattern! If you also want to know, never brake your ankle if you love wearing heels, especially if you have surgery to mend it say goodbye to easy wearing!

and also my uber cute boyfriend playing his gibson. 



Apologies for the blur my camera skills at night suck apparently but I couldn’t let it go without sharing 🙂


much love xoxo

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