October Wants. . .

Ok, so although the title says october wants I actually took this photo in September and have wanted them since late august! the only problem is having broken my ankle this time last year that I couldn’t really wear them when I wanted to! but alas  . . .



So if I had these beauties I would be rocking them with some faded blue jeans for walks around our local park with a fur lined poncho and a fun knitted turban! I love the upcoming winter for those warm cute looks! Although I’m tempted to get them just to wear for short stints I will try to refrain but just look how cute!! 

Now Although I already have one I really want to get a second smaller one for the en suit! they are so fab for keeping all those toiletries hidden and in one place! 


This month I’m also craving the new JK Rowling novel, Snow White and the Huntsman, Cooking our favourite Mackerel Risotto, a good cup of tea, and going out for a night of fun shots with my bestie

have a great October! 


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