Bookcase colour co-ordination . . .



If you don’t know, then first, I’ll fill you in, myself and my bf of the last almost three years! recently moved in together for the first time. I know the step! the convergence of the stuff its pretty mental especially as it wasn’t until we’d packed up our last two homes that we realised something we had had plenty of before, firstly wardrobe space. I used to have the most gorgeous and prized nolte wardrobe, two stories (or hanging sections if you’d rather) a shelf at the top ceiling height and room for shoes under each clothing section only to move without it! the horror!. Its a neat freaks worst nightmare, the thought of not having perfect organisation, horrofying so currently I cant share my new wardrobe as its still not perfectly arranged and even worse theres boy clothes everywhere! who’d of thought! that and theres so many smart shirts! but thats another dilemma.. . .

No, the worst thing we realised was that we have no internal cupboards, none. I mean we have no where our ironing board currently lives in the hallway the three tool boxes where our shoes to be and our hoover (thankfully small) cowers behind the main door. Now apart from the obvious where do people keep their ironing boards? it became startling obvious that we were missing something else, space for books and DVD’s! 

So there was only one thing for it, we had to buy a bookcase. Now i may be making this a bigger deal than it is but choosing a bookcase is a big deal! it needs to fit in with the rest of the room, not over power it and yet carry everything you need it to!. Lucky for us we spotted this oh so gorgeous blocked number from ikea at 140 its the perfect addition to our living room and were hoping our future office! On top of that while I was trying to arrange everything I realised a, we don’t have enough knickknacks (the horror when I threw a load out and that actually where have all my books gone?


I used to believe that I read, a lot. However the more I look at it now the more that I think that I perhaps read the same books over and over. I also realised that I buy a lot of books most of which I don’t get into because I’m too busy re reading the few I’ve read so often that they’ve literally fallen apart! but I’m sure we will rectify it soon! So much more to throw out!



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