Moving day, moving closer . . .

I am incredibly excited, so much so that I no longer sleep normally, my dreams are filled with closets and couches and bookcases. What books do I want on display or DVD’s? or Cd’s? what should be hidden away under the bed, or thrown? I cant even focus on anything else, everything is involved in this new flat.

Its a big deal and I’ll tell you why, it is officially the first property that I will have all my stuff in. Yes, i’ve rented before i guess twice now or three times if I consider university living. However this time everything I own from my childhood home, from my parents home is coming every memory attached to everything I own will be there in my new home alongside all my partners stuff. I will no longer have a bedroom at my parents house how crazy is that? I think it helps feeling like a big move when I haven’t moved to a new street in the same town, oh no I moved from Hitchin, Hertfordshire all the way down the country to Kent! of all places , a big leap of faith and a brand new challenge! 

I am incredibly excited for this big change, although i’ve now technically lived in kent for about three weeks I don’t think its real until everything I own is here and everything is finally moving forward. 

One thing I cant wait for is to only pack a suitcase to go on holiday with, over the past three years I believe I have spent more time packing and unpacking suitcases then actually living in one place. At one point I was spending five days a week in London, two days in maidstone, Kent and then every three weeks I was back in Hitchin, Hertfordshire for two days. It was a mental time but it will be good to spend some time in one place for a while, well, until I get bored of that which probably wont take that long tbh . . .

However until that time I am going to enjoy packing my suitcases for the last time and look forward unpacking them into my new closet come sunday . . .


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