my week . . .



This week has involved a lot of excitement over this little beauty above, welcome, Cleo, the camera! My last camera bit the dust at Brands Hatch several weekends ago and although the bf’s little camera has been doing wonderfully theres nothing like having your own camera to use. 



The bf’s and mines new favourite meal curried chicken and mango was such a keeper that we’ve been having it on a weekly basis now! Its always good when you find a salad to fall in love with it makes dieting and healthy eating so much easier when your not constantly thinking about fattier foods like burgers. 



That being said, I did finally manage to beat the pancake mix to make my own pancakes successfully. i had been so sure that they were just that thing that I cant make, like my mum cant make meringues and my Nanna can’t make yorkshire puddings rise, but apparently i’m still waiting for my food nemeses. 



I fought boy technology and won, finally the PS3 no longer confuses me so much that I avoid it like the plague although the XBox is still pretty frightening . . .



Spent sunday afternoon practising with the new camera and teach the bf . . .



and kept searching my new home town for great photo opportunities areas to shoot in fell in love with mote park’s hugeness, it reminds me of a bigger Greenwich Park. This feels more like home after all . . . 

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