Traveling Jewellery

So this friday I’m taking the plunge!, I’m off, leaving my childhood home, for two counties away in picturesque kent, not that hertfordshire was so ugly however. So with big steps, the last few weeks I’ve been busily packing up all my stuff. its funny cause it feels like only yesterday that I was packing up my Uni home in Poplar, London and now I’m on the move again! 

So here goes, my week in photos, plenty of preparing and an excuse to look at my favourite pieces! 

Saying goodbye to my beautiful wardrobe of the last five years 😦 sadness . . .



Double hanging! it hurts! 



Taking stock of the shoe situation . . . the scary part is four pairs are already in kent! when did I get so many?



Sorting out the preferred jewellery what goes now and what comes down later, mmm?




Making sure things don’t get to tangled . . .


and my nail polish , , , 🙂



See you soon! xoxo 

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